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During this summer’s travel season, Chaos popularized tracking devices for suitcases that help pinpoint their exact location if they’re lost. But airlines don’t want passengers to use them.

“Take out your flashlight”

Although the AirTag tracking device from Apple was not the first of its kind, the American company managed to popularize it the best during the last year and a half of their existence. During this year’s summer travel season, the airlines themselves helped it a lot by they were losing more suitcases than usual.

Passengers began to buy trackers in bulk for the peace of mind that they will see on their mobile phone that their luggage is with them after taking their seats on the plane. The idea that a person lands in London, New York or Singapore, but his luggage is somewhere else, simply took over and “forced” passengers to spend some extra money. Jbut it’s all about psychology, because even if the passenger sees that his luggage has not been loaded, there is nothing he can do about it. However, it can provide the airline with relatively accurate information about where the suitcase is located during the subsequent search for stray suitcases. But it seems so airlines are not interested in such help at all.

AirTags are still uncharted territory as far as the regulation of the international aviation industry is concerned. “Tracking devices are not yet included in the regulations,” a Lufthansa spokeswoman said in the spring. According to the German national carrier, this means that, from a legal point of view, these are smartphones. According to the German airline, just like iPhones, they can only be transported in hand luggage. Alternatively, you can also remove the battery from your AirTag and then store it in your suitcase. But at that moment, of course, the whole device is useless.

No more lying

The real reason airlines don’t want us to use AirTags or similar devices is because that we have the upper hand over them because of it. We know exactly where the suitcase got stuck and they can’t tell us some fairy tales and lies about what happened and that the suitcase is already on its way when it hasn’t moved from its place for two days. They can’t just hang balls up our noses. For example, if we go to wait another hour at the baggage belt, it will definitely still arrive, even though the flight’s baggage claim ends half an hour ago and the AirTag reports thousands of kilometers away.

My recent experience at London Heathrow can prove this. Baggage claim is over, suitcase still nowhere to be found, AirTag location reports luggage still rolling at Lisbon airport. So I go to complaints, where I show the location of the AirTag on my mobile phone. “But Mr. AirTags are terribly unreliable. The suitcase will definitely arrive, go get on there and wait,” they told me. I wanted to answer sharply: “Seriously? And are your services reliable?

Even the fact that the AirTag location had been updated two minutes earlier did not convince the Heathrow worker of the lie at first. After nearly half an hour of debate and my insistence that he call the baggage handlers to confirm that they had already unloaded everything from my flight – which the handling staff eventually confirmed – he acknowledged that my baggage was indeed stuck in Lisbon and will arrive on the earliest possible flight. But again it was a lie because for the next two days the trunk did not move. It finally arrived after three days.

It reminds a bit of the history of cell phones, which at one time had to be turned off and put away because he couldn’t really tell what the signal from cell phones could actually do to the plane or its navigation systems…

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