Why Apple is looking at the Kindle for its future folding phone


Could Apple’s Future Flip Phone Have E-Book Technology? The key to the matter is in its electronic ink screens.

Apple has us accustomed to multiple novelties in its range every year. While its flagship product, the iPhone, usually incorporates radical new invoice solutions every 2 generations, the rest of the brand’s catalog seems to go by itself. This means that the rest of the apple firm’s products include revolutionary proposals in multiple aspects. From design to various functionalities, the Cupertino company leaves no one indifferent.

running away from philosophy fanboy, Apple will bring new developments in just a few months. In addition to the aforementioned innovations that its mobile telephony division will have, it will be necessary to incorporate new technologies introduced in order to continue taking advantage of its competitive advantage. One of the alternatives that could being shuffled would be directly related to the _E-bookse-books or Kindle, whichever term is most relevant to you.

The first rumors suggest that the company would be considering incorporating a technology that would be extracted directly from this technological product. It would be electronic ink, a solution that could have a great role due, above all, to the great feature that every book lover loves. It is a product that could change the way of understanding the screens of mobile terminals or tablets in the coming years.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the main features that Apple could have through this technology, what are the chances that we will see in a few months a kind of E-Book with the bitten apple logo and, of course, to what extent the incorporation of this option can be successful in the market. Here are the keys to a proposal that could integrate ink into mobile telephony, a step forward that would put aside the classic electronic book.

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Apple investigates how to introduce electronic ink in its mobile terminals

According to the information provided by Slash Gear, the introduction of electronic ink technology would be accompanied by the already well-known and famous flexible screens. The technology used is called Electronic Paper Display (EPD). This movement involves some curiosities and marks a new path when it comes to investigating how the possible folding terminal of the brand would work.

E ink has become one of the companies that Apple has set its sights on for its future Unwire folding screen

Taking a quick look at the market, companies like Samsung have taken advantage of the facilities offered by OLED and LCD technology for the production of flexible screens. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most renowned analysts related to the Apple universe, the Californian company would be looking at how to integrate flexible screens into its catalog through a different alternative. The ink used in electronic books could hold the key to achieving this.

The key variable of the equation would have the company E Ink, which is specialized in the production of solutions related to electronic ink technology. Apparently, the presentation of the Gallery 3 Color ePaper solution is what would have led Apple to look at this alternative path to achieve the long-awaited flexible screen. And Well, what does this latest model presented achieve? Here is the reason for its possible success in the market.

In this latest innovation, a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and white tones has been found. Thanks to this, the possibility of get secondary colors grows exponentially. All this, in addition, obtaining a pixel density of 300 PPI. As can be seen, there is still a lot of room for improvement, which could lead to the creation of a flexible screen, with great physical resistance and, above all, with a high quality level of sharpness.

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Better battery management could be another key to your bet

Taking a look at the catalog of mobile terminals, you can see how consumption of the screen is one of the main reasons why the autonomy of the smartphone is reduced. Under this context, have you ever checked how long the battery of a Kindle or e-book can last? If you have had one in your hands, you will have been able to see how you have barely had to charge it after a month of use. Here, therefore, is another of the differential elements in the commitment to this type of screen.

The problem of autonomy, in fact, can already be seen in the range of folding mobile phones. The best example of this is shown by the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the latest terminal of this class from the South Korean firm. Due to its incredible screen, the 4,400 mAh of its battery seem not to be enough to guarantee a full day of use of the same. This, taking into account the price of said device, becomes its main weakness.

Unable to confirm the presence of a smartphone folding by Apple over the next few years. However, taking into account this type of research, it is most likely that, if it finally ends up being produced, would have different technology to that of the rest of the competition.

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