Why are the affectations to the electrical service maintained? (+ Video) › Cuba › Granma

Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras Vidal

The situation of the National Electric System is still complex, as six thermal units continue with breakdowns, as well as planned maintenance in unit 2 of the Lidio Ramón Pérez (Felton) thermoelectric plant in Holguín, unit 8 of Mariel and the Otto Parellada thermoelectric plant, in Havana.

Authorities of the Electric Union (UNE) reported that, although unit 1 of Felton – whose synchronization would mean an improvement – ​​had the boiler on since this Friday afternoon, it is still not possible to cover the demand, so the affectations to the electrical service in the coming days.

He detailed the information from the UNE, on the website of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, that several factors affect the vulnerability of thermal blocks. Among the main ones are the financial limitations and the blockade imposed by the United States Government on our country, which have prevented the required maintenance from being carried out in a timely manner.

At this time, of the 20 blocks, 16 are out of the capital maintenance cycle. To this is added, they pointed out, that a very aggressive fuel is being burned, which shortens the operating cycles between maintenance and requires an intensification of the cleaning, washing and replacement of ducts that are subject to high corrosion, which makes the system very sensitive, that many failures occur, and that it works with many limitations.

On the other hand, when the blocks are in service, they do not reach their maximum power and require interventions because they lose their charge very quickly, they explained.

However, they affirmed, they work continuously to solve the breakdowns in the shortest possible time, and the population in each of the affected provinces will be informed in a timely manner.