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"Why are we using war material against civilians? "

You are the lawyer of Sebastien, whose hand seems to have been ripped off by a grenade GLI-F4, Saturday, at a gathering of yellow vests in front of the grids of the National Assembly. How is he today?

Arié Alimi He is still hospitalized. He is very bad. He is even in a dramatic state. Because Sébastien did not just have his hand torn off. His eye has also been touched, his body is completely sore. He is an "ordinary" citizen with a clean criminal record, who was demonstrating Saturday with yellow vests, as it is his right. We will therefore take all steps to ensure his defense. We have already refused to respond to the IGGN (General Inspectorate of the National Gendarmerie – which opened an investigation -NDLR). A decision motivated by the various statements of the Secretary of State Laurent Nunez, who accused my client Monday of wanting to commit offenses on the police. The IGGN and the prosecutor's office being dependent on the power, we can not have any trust in these people.

Laurent Nunez has indeed said Monday on France Info that Sebastien "Wanted to project the grenade on the police". "We do not have the feeling when watching videos that he makes a gesture to spread a grenade", did he declare. How do you react to these remarks?

Arié Alimi These statements are false. Laurent Nunez lies brazenly and knowingly. Sebastien touched the grenade to protect himself. He wanted to get away from it. That's what he told me and what the videos show. He took a step towards the grenade to repel it thinking to protect himself. But unfortunately, he had his hand torn off because of this explosive grenade, thrown at him by the police.

It would be a GLI-F4 pomegranate, which contains 25 grams of TNT, the same component that was in the grenade that killed the young Rémi Fraisse in 2014, of which you are also the family's advocate …

Arié Alimi I do not yet have the expertise that will confirm it but, in my opinion, this is a grenade GLI-F4, which contains TNT. This is the same component that was in the grenade OF F1, called "offensive", the TNT, a military explosive. It is a war material. So why are we using war material against civilians in France during the demonstrations? Two months ago, on December 14, 2018, we, along with our colleagues, initiated a referral from the government asking for the repeal of the use of these grenades. We received no response, which demonstrates the total disregard of the government. We will therefore seize the Council of State to ask for the final repeal.

You defend a dozen demonstrators victims of police violence. What is your view of the government's strategy in this area?

Arié Alimi I am amazed by the government's disregard for victims. This lack of consideration is distressing. It is revealing of the authoritarian mechanisms brought to light recently by the vote of the law anti-breakers. This dangerous drift began in Sivens, where Manuel Valls set a precedent, then during the mobilizations against the El Khomri law and with an intensity without any measure during the mobilizations of the yellow vests. We are facing a systemic phenomenon, with the deliberate will of the government to dissuade people from protesting and exercising their rights as citizens.

Attorney at the Paris Bar, member of the LDH


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