For the first two films in the Thor Franchise things were pretty tame for the Asgardian god. He was a laid-back guy who could whet your appetite for making you laugh with Mjolnir. Overall, however, he was more or less a minor character in the entire Avengers scene and fell into the background of heroes such as Captain America and Iron Man.

No longer. Since Thor: Ragnarok, the character has been extensively revised. Between a mixture of heartbreaking heartache (he loses his father, his brother, his friends and his kingdom in a matter of two films) and the self-realization of how powerful he really is, the character of Thor has come to the very top quickly, and we are all waiting for what happens next.

For all the crowded storylines that needed to be addressed Infinity WarThor ended up with quite a bit of screen time, which means that you can count on him to give him the time he needs to wrap things up Avenger 4, To see more of what his new weapon, Stormbreaker, can do to avenge the loss of his people, there is no doubt that Thor is one of Thanos' most important enemies to watch out for. The question is how it will all end up for the freshly stamped Avenger.


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