There is an old adage that sometimes tells us that you have to spend money to make money, but obviously, Paramount is not willing to pay attention to those words in this case. The playlist reported that, although it was not the only problem, the budget of World War Z 2 definitely played a role in pulling the film. Considering the cost of special effects, filming locations, and cast salaries (Brad Pitt is not exactly the type of actor you can play in lowball), it's easy to see how the budget for a sequel of this magnitude could skyrocket.

Fincher's team was reportedly "hired for a long shoot this year in five different countries and with a six-month stay in Atlanta." Five different countries? Even for a potential blockbuster movie like this, that's a lot for production. Compared, Thor: The dark world, the continuation of 2011 Thorwas shot with a budget of 170 million US dollars almost exclusively in Iceland and England (at the box office gross approximately 644 million US dollar).


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