Why coffee shops, bakers and tattoo artists are now running online shops | OMR

Fancy a worn out sentence? The world is becoming more digital! And that doesn’t just affect potential buyers of your products – sectors that were previously heavily geared towards stationary services are discovering digital business models. We have some particularly surprising examples of the trend. Also present: a café with a delivery service, a tattoo artist with an online shop and live courses, and a baker with an ordering function.

A recent study by website builder Squarespace shows how important a digital presence is for businesses of all kinds today. According to this, 61 percent of Germans visit websites to find out about products they want to buy. This applies in particular to older generations between the ages of 41 and 75, who find out more about products online to a disproportionately large extent. Even if no purchase takes place or cannot take place because of the products, an online presence usually helps directly to increase sales. And 68 percent of Germans feel that companies that operate their own website are more trustworthy. No wonder, then, that small companies also have to take action.

Online concept of a tattoo artist

Mainly triggered by the pandemic, the Hamburg tattoo artist “Frau Ines” (actually Ines Häßler) has thought about the purpose of her own website even further. When she had to temporarily close her tattoo studio due to the Corona regulations, she came up with two new business models. Within just three days, she and her business partner Katja Schian set up an online shop for the joint project “HEY DU – Atelier & Pop Up Store” and offer illustrations, prints, self-designed mugs, fake tattoos, stickers and other products . Ms. Ines doesn’t just want to sell her own handmade products, she also wants to support and network many small labels from Germany.

Mrs. Ines’ website

Her second idea: Together with Leonie Henze and Tina Dauenhauer, Ms. Ines founds the “Live Art Club”. Here the three offer digital drawing workshops for groups and companies. On Instagram they paint live every Sunday together with the community. The Live Art Club also has a shop with coloring books, prints and sketchbooks. For Ms. Ines, the Squarespace website construction kit makes such hybrid business models consisting of an information page and a web shop of physical and digital products possible. She was able to integrate the e-commerce functions into her website directly and at short notice.

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Cafes and bakers have to deliver

Sisters Sophie and Xenia are following a similar path with their Berlin café Rocket & Basil. Due to the uncertainty during the pandemic, the two are trying an online concept for deliveries and click & collect. The virtual café, set up on Squarespace, will be launched in 2020. A social media presence had previously been enough for the two. “During the pandemic, we’ve relied heavily on our Squarespace site. Delivery and pick-up service carried us through Corona,” say Sophie and Xenia.

Rocket + Basil website

At Rocket + Basil you can order directly on the website

The Berlin baker “Domberger Brot-Werk” also operates with the strategy. On their own website, boss Florian Domberger and his team not only show how they work. The company has also introduced a pick-up service – order on the website and pick up rolls and bread in the store without having to queue.

E-commerce does not have to go through the typical channels

Anyone who still sells classic products has it even easier with their online concept. Julia and Niklas Jessen show this with their design company Schneid Studio. Before the pandemic, the two of them sold their self-designed lamps, vases and furniture in 100 stationary stores and via their own web shop. When shops have to close, the two rely even more on their own website and can thus continue to increase sales even in the difficult past few years. “We like to do everything ourselves, so we also wanted a website that we can maintain and change ourselves. Squarespace has always been very simple and intuitive,” says Julia Jessen.

Studio Schneid website

Schneid Studio sells a significant number of products through its own website and was therefore able to grow during the pandemic

Since Squarespace’s shop functionalities relieve the two of the work in this area, the biggest task is to get customers to your own website. This works at Schneid Studio via its own Instagram account, where the company is followed by over 45,000 users. “It’s crazy what you can do with a good Instagram account. For us, this means above all attention to our website and the web shop,” says Niklas Jessen. And thanks to the partnership with Squarespace, they can also withstand growth and new customers. Because for Schneid Studio and many other brands, their own website will remain extremely important despite the reach on the platforms. Only here can they act independently and really get to know their customers.

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