Why Cologne and Düsseldorf are among the best train stations in Europe

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Created: 12/02/2022, 10:40 a.m

Von: Jonah Reule

Düsseldorf Central Station is one of the top 5 train stations in Europe. That was the result of the European Railway Station Index. © Horst Ossinger/dpa

The cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne have received awards for their train stations. Both were able to assert themselves internationally in the European Railway Station Index.

Düsseldorf – The US consumer protection organization “Consumer Choice Center” based in Washington DC has chosen the best train stations in Europe for 2022. The 50 largest train stations were evaluated. Twelve German train stations can be found in the top 10. With Düsseldorf and Cologne, two NRW train stations are also among the top ten.

European Railway Station Index

Has been awarding the best train stations in Europe every year since 2019

The 50 largest train stations are ranked in various categories. Factors such as passenger experience, accessibility and shopping opportunities play a role.

The more points, the better the placement.

The assessment is carried out by the American consumer protection organization Consumer Choice Center.

Europe’s best train stations: Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin also do well

In the so-called “European Train Station Index”, the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) looked at the 50 largest train stations in Europe and compared them with each other.

In this year’s evaluation, twelve German train stations are in the top 10. While the main train stations in Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Berlin have three German metropolises with the second highest index with 91 points, the city of Düsseldorf makes it to place 5. With 76 Dusseldorf Central Station is just behind Hanover. Cologne Central Station comes in 8th place with 66 points. Frankfurt Central Station came in 9th place behind Zurich with 91 points, also reports

1 Zurich HB 93
2 Frankfurt am Main main station 91
Munich central station 91
Berlin main station 91
Central Milan (Mailand) 91
Amsterdam Central 91
3 Gare de Lyon (Paris) 81
4 Roma Termini (Rom) 78
Hanover main station 78
5 Dusseldorf Central Station 76
6 Leipzig Central Station 71
St. Pancras London 71
7 Gare du Nord (Paris) 68
Hamburg-Altona 68
8 Cologne Central Station 66

European Railway Station Index: These factors are important for the ranking

Passenger experience and other factors were evaluated for the index. For example, overcrowded platforms, accessibility and the number of destinations played a role, the CC said. The more points a station has in the overall rating, the higher it was rated. The aim of the ranking is to find the most passenger-friendly train station in Europe.

The availability of ride-sharing services, competition from railway companies and the number of national and international destinations are also included in the evaluation. Equally noted are the on-site shopping and dining options, wheelchair accessibility, the presence of lounges and Wi-Fi, and the choice of different access points to the platforms.

Points are awarded for all of these categories. These add up to the total number of points. A maximum of 110 points is possible. This results in the European Railway Station Index for each station.

Cologne: redesign of the station area is a topic

However, Cologne Central Station has already lost 15 points in the category of available shops and restaurants. Only recently, the topic of station design in Cologne received more attention with the “Neue Mitte Köln” petition. This involves relocating the main train station to Cologne Kalk and redesigning the city center. In the vision presented, the current location of the main train station would be converted into a regional train station. Green spaces could be created on the Hohenzollern Bridge between the main train station and the Cologne Deutz train station. Fair and independent information about what is happening in Germany and NRW – subscribe to our free 24RHEIN newsletter here.