Dhe “Theses paper on the pandemic caused by Sars-CoV-2 / Covid-19” is sober. The heading “Improve database, further develop prevention, protect civil rights” gives little indication of the criticism that the following 28 pages harbor. But what seven health professionals have written down is a general criticism of how to deal with the epidemic. To sum up, the data is inadequate, the prevention strategy inefficient.

The authors – doctors, lawyers, political scientists, economists, ethicists – are not just anyone. They include the head of administration of the Hamburg health authority, Matthias Gruhl, the board of the Association of Company Health Insurance Funds, Franz Knieps, as well as former members of various government health councils, who are no longer punished as critics.

They express criticism abundantly. It starts with what they consider to be incorrect measurement and presentation of the infections. The epidemiological data were insufficient to “describe the spread and pattern of the pandemic”. Data could “only serve to secure far-reaching decisions to a limited extent”. Translated this means something like this: No good policy can be made on the basis.

Even the number of reported infections – on Wednesday there were 107,663 in Germany – was “only of little significance”. The number of reported cases depends to a large extent on the availability of the tests. It is therefore “not sensible to speak of a so-called doubling time and to make political decisions dependent on this measure”. This means the time period within which the counted infections double.

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Furthermore, mortality figures currently overestimate the problem that they could “not be interpreted validly”. Because it was not known how many infected people the number of patients died related. It also remains unclear whether the reason for the death was actually the infection with Sars-Cov-2.


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