Why did Ana Patricia Gámez retire from television?


Ana Patricia Gámez is one of the Hispanic personalities who have announced her retirement from television for personal reasons.

Ana Patricia Gámez has forged an outstanding artistic career in the television industry since her triumph in Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2010. In her role as a television presenter, Gámez has participated in important productions of Univision and UniMás.

In mid-April, Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010 announced that she would be retiring indefinitely from television to focus on raising her two children, Giulietta and Gael.

“As a mother, I have decided to take a break in my professional career to dedicate myself to being a mother 24/7 because my children’s childhood is going to advance, they are going to grow up and I want to be with them in those moments,” said Ana Patricia Gámez in a transmission of the show ‘Falling in love’ at the time of announcing the news of his retirement.

At the beginning of June, the Mexican star said goodbye to the Spanish-speaking audience in the United States after ending her cycle as the official host of the UniMás television show “Enamorándonos”.

Through her official account on Instagram, Gámez said she was grateful for everything she has experienced in the professional and personal sphere: “I can only say thank you for so much. God blesses me in wonderful ways every day, I am grateful for all that I have and for what is to come. Thank you always for your love and support ”.

What you should know:

The production of “Enamorándonos” surprised Ana Patricia Gámez with the appearance of her family on the television show

Ana Patricia says goodbye to the show with a tender surprise from her children and her husband | Falling in loveWhoever was our presenter for two successful seasons and 300 episodes, experienced an emotional farewell to all the lovers and to Rafa Araneda. Ana Patricia welcomed her husband Luis Carlos Martínez and their little ones Giulietta and Gael to the program, to whom she will now be able to dedicate herself full time. SUBSCRIBE TO UNIMÁS bit.ly/1NQLbFc Follow us:…2021-06-12T13:30:02Z

On June 11, UniMás broadcast the last episode of “Enamorándonos” with the participation of Ana Patricia Gámez as the official host of the show. During the special broadcast, Gámez was pleasantly surprised by her husband and children, who appeared to express their support for her during her temporary retirement from television.

The beauty queen admitted that it was very difficult for her not to be able to say goodbye to her children for several nights as a result of her long hours of recording with the UniMás production.

Ana Patricia Gámez was in charge of the conduction of “Enamorándonos” throughout two successful seasons that broke audience records in the United States with a total of 300 episodes.

What will Ana Patricia’s new life be like?

Far from the responsibilities that come with being in charge of a television show, Ana Patricia Gámez will continue to live in the city of Miami, but now completely focused on the growth stage of her two young children.

Through her social networks, the Mexican star has expressed that for her the most important thing is to be able to be present in the most momentous moments of her children, the fruits of her marriage to businessman Luis Carlos Martínez.

What are the projects that Ana Patricia will develop alongside her role as a mother?

Along with her role as a full-time mother, Ana Patricia Gámez will continue to dedicate herself to the business field with the development of her virtual clothing store, as well as an ambassador for Monat, an important cosmetics and personal care company.

As for the media, Gámez will continue to share his personal experiences through his podcast “Ana Patricia Sin Filter” that can be listened to for free through the Pitaya platform.