Why did Ernesto Pimentel TAKE Shakira out of a luxurious nightclub just to have a hamburger for dinner?, video

the driver of “The blowout of the Chola”Ernesto Pimentel, had the opportunity to interview the Colombian singer Shakira when she visited our country to present one of her first albums at a Lima disco, but ended up taking her to eat a hamburger. What happened? In this note from El Popular we tell you about it.

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Did Ernesto Pimentel take Shakira to eat a hamburger?

The anecdote goes back to the 90s, when Shakira comes to the program Ernesto Pimentel and they meet for the first time, managing to empathize quickly. Then the comic driver attended the press conference that the Colombian singer was giving at the Dragon nightclub in Miraflores for the release of her album and then the unthinkable happened.

As revealed by Ernesto Pimentel in an interview for the program “You are in all”At the event, everyone was being served by the waiters who gave them different appetizers to eat while they interviewed the Colombian singer, but he realized that she did not eat anything, he even told her that he was hungry.

“He tells me: ‘I’m hungry’, and I asked him why he wasn’t eating. “It’s that the record company is there and they weigh me down,” he told me. So, I took it out the back door, we bought a hamburger and we went back eating it, “he said. Ernesto Pimentelwho pointed out that he will not forget that image of Shakira so normal and natural

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What company prohibited Shakira from eating and having her in weight control?

It was the same driver Ernesto Pimentelwho revealed that the company with which he was working at that time for the release of his album in the 90’s, was the Sony Music label, they were the ones who pressured the singer with their weight and for what Shakira I could not eat.