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Why did Samsung delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold?

Seoul – Samsung Electronics seems to have left the moment graceful after announcing that it will delay the launch of the first folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, a case that recalls that of its Galaxy Note 7 but that affects the South Korean giant in a very different way.

The best proof of this is that the company's shares were barely affected on the Seoul Stock Exchange today by the announcement, with the shares closing just 0.33% below their value of the previous day.

The company has left in the air the launch of the Fold, which was to be the first smartphone with folding screen on the market and had planned its departure on Friday in the United States, until it determines the cause of the faults detected in the touch panel of the devices that several journalists were provided with proof.

Samsung also planned to release the phone on May 3 in Europe.

But things have changed after several of these journalists reported that the double screen began to fail after removing a protective plastic that should not be removed, as indicated in the box of the product.

Others had problems apparently related to the hinge of the device or dirt particles that crept under the aforementioned plastic and damaged the screen.

A spokesman for the company in Seoul today sent Efe to the statement published hours earlier, in which Samsung says it plans to "announce the release date in the coming weeks" after "performing more internal tests" before the possibility that the product requires "additional improvements".

Although some users have shown their displeasure for the faults detected in a very expensive telephone that should be in the market at the end of this week, like the investors, a majority has pondered with more calm these technical problems.

Obviously the episode evokes the case of Galaxy Note 7, which due to a series of battery failures forced Samsung in 2016 to make a massive recall (about 2.5 million devices).

However, the scenario is very different almost three years later for the South Korean technological giant, which in the first place has consolidated even more in its position as the largest manufacturer of memory chips in the world.

This is the branch of business that is really vital for its financial situation, increasingly detached from the manufacture of mobile phones, a sector increasingly competitive and saturated and therefore deficient.

At first Samsung was going to score the goal of launching the world's first folding smartphone, ahead of Huawei, which plans to market its Mate X in the coming months.

But the fact is that these two devices currently serve more as advertising claims than as products designed to fatten the accounts in the short term and in a sustainable manner.

The Galaxy Fold is a high-end product: its price in the United States will be $ 1,980, more than twice the original price with which the Note 7 was launched, and only slightly cheaper than the Mate X, which will cost $ 2,600.

Hence, a majority of users are not indignant for a product that in any case would not be able to acquire soon.

In the same way, the volume of sales that Samsung itself expected during the next months was modest and did not imply a notable weight in its turnover.

Also note that unlike the Note 7, the Fold has not yet been launched and is not in the hands of millions of users, so the costs of the delay will be minimal compared to the problem of 2016.

It is also a problem on the screen, totally harmless compared to Note 7 batteries that set fire or exploded, which is key when it comes to maintaining a brand image that, although it may not be entirely unscathed by this stumble, seems to have shaken this disappointment for now.



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