What has not already been written about Iris Mittenaere? At only 25 years old, the one we discovered through the Miss France 2016 contest is now one of the most famous women on the planet. Of course, critics will hasten to say that she is mostly considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet. End. But Iris Mittenaere is more than just a pretty girl! If last week, I explained that Justin Theroux, the ex-husband of Jennifer Aniston, had had to demonstrate his ability to play the coarse and sexy guys at the same time, with Iris Mittenaere, the process is completely different. In fact, since her debut in the Miss Flanders contest, Iris Mittenaere has been fighting to show that she is not just a beautiful girl, another model to put on designer clothes and original jewels.

And it must be admitted that, almost 3 years after having seen it on television for the first time, I remain convinced that it is among the best miss that the Miss France contest has known. Always smiling and friendly, Iris Mittenaere managed to change the way I perceived this contest. It is certainly a program that aims to judge women according to physical criteria often implausible and moral criteria sometimes questionable but it is clear that in the case of Iris Mittenaere, we have found a nugget capable to proudly represent France abroad. And it is certainly his freshness and his non-dream to become Miss France that allowed him to go very far in this adventure. Yes, if the French public remembers Iris Mittenaere because of her election in December 2015, for the rest of the world, Iris Mottenaere is Miss Universe 2016.

A title that, if you want my opinion and I know you want it, is fully deserved. Ambitious and determined, Iris Mittenaere is the kind of women we like to have at her side. Not because she is particularly beautiful but because of the incredible energy she gives off. And to have crossed on the Croisette during the last Cannes Film Festival, I can guarantee you that what we say is true: it would eclipse any of its partners. That's probably why TF1 did not take a lot of risk by assigning it to dancer Anthony Colette for the ninth season of Danse avec les Stars – in which Iris Mittenaere participates. Since September 29, every Saturday night, we have the opportunity to see this young woman transform. And although we do not really know who TF1 or Anthony Colette is responsible for the moult started by the Miss, it is clear that every week we ask for more. (And that his dances are more and more impressive!)

Extremely graceful, Iris Mittenaere would spin complexes to anyone. She dances as she is, she dances as she speaks, she dances as she lives. In some candidates, it does not rhyme anything but with Iris, it's a slap that we take every week. From there to think that TF1 dream also to see crowned at the end of the season, there is a step that we want to cross. But before we get there, we take pleasure in dreaming to see her fall officially in the arms of Anthony Colette. Although I'm sure Iris Mittenaere does not need a man to accomplish anything in his life, I have to admit that the relationship between these two is the real reason I come back every week in front of Dance with the Stars. That and the acrobatics of Clement Remiens!

Freshly separated from Kev Adams, Iris Mittenaere seems to have her head fully in the competition. And that's one of the things that make me love him. In Cannes as in Dance with the Stars, she never loses sight of her goals. And even when the press begins to talk more about her love life than about her humanitarian actions, she does not forget that it is by being mediatised that one can accomplish great things. A lifestyle that is not for everyone but Iris seems to appreciate today. Miss France among many others, Iris Mittenaere, her impeccable smile, her adorable dimples and sparkling eyes will always be synonymous with more. Of universal beauty perhaps. In the rest of the news, here's why I love Gigi Hadid, Bella's sister and Anwar always in a relationship with Zayn Malik.



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