Why do many people think that II. Is Queen Elizabeth no longer alive?

Several say he was no longer alive at Christmas and that Buckingham Palace is just waiting for the right time and opportunity to announce.

II. Queen Elizabeth has seen a lot as the oldest and longest-lived head of state: the conflict in Northern Ireland, the smog that destroys London, the disintegration of the colonial system, Brexit, Megxit (the separation of Harry and Meghan from the royal family) and a pandemic – if we mention only the most important ones. And despite his age of 95, he is still active, which is what more and more people are doubting these days. According to a very interesting conspiracy theory, the ruler is already dead, only the palace tries to hide it. The question is, why would it be a secret, at all, how could this be done, and what would be the point?

Is the ruler really dead?

Not officially. Not so much that Buckingham Palace is preparing to celebrate II with a spectacular parade. The 70th anniversary of Elizabeth’s accession to the throne.

The Platinum Jubilee is accompanied by a four-day break, and June 2-5. live concerts – renowned performers – are promised and organized in front of the palace.

The series of events has already opened on Monday with a festive pudding competition. The goal of the Platinum Pudding Competition is to find the latest custard recipe, the winner’s pudding will be served to guests at The Big Jubilee Lunch, and you will also be invited to the ceremony.

It all started with the hospital

The question is, if they prepare for the anniversary celebration with steam power, how can people remember that their ruler is dead? Perhaps because the Queen has recently canceled several of her public appearances, and after she was hospitalized in October, her doctors have recommended her a longer rest.

This news surprised many, as despite being 95, he has been hospitalized only twice in the last 20 years and only five times in the last 40 years.

It was then decided that II. Elizabeth may not attend any official event alone. Nevertheless, the queen had not been driving for a long time and seemed perfectly fine.

Not exactly convincing evidence

As conspiracy theory set in motion, so did the skeptical message that the Queen’s death was based on little evidence and that it made no sense at all. Several also explained that it was not at all funny to spread his death, much more morbid and disrespectful to the ruler. But some enterprising “detectives” still believe in conspiracy theory, claiming that the Queen’s Christmas message recorded this year is also fake, and her face has been “enchanted” on someone else’s head.

Many believe that they simply did not want to announce II at Christmas. The death of Queen Elizabeth, ruining the feast of millions. It is said that it would not be a surprising draw from the ruling family, especially knowing that King George V was euthanized by injections of morphine and cocaine, for example, but not only to protect the king from the suffering and loss of his dignity from long dying, that the news of his death in the most important newspaper, the The Times appear in the morning edition for the first time, not in the evening papers. Or let’s not forget, they still have dark secrets, for example, there were II. Fans also reluctantly disseminated steep theories about Elizabeth’s cousins ​​in a mental hospital and the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

King George V (Photo: The Print Collector via Getty Images)

Would the number 70 be the secret to unlocking?

Others spread on social media that they are waiting for the announcement because the 70th reign is much more beautiful than the 69, and the round number would show better on the mourning report as well. But then also keep in mind that rumors fly up every year about the death of the ruler. The news of his death spread just when he was admitted to hospital last year, just as this assumption started in 2019, which then had to be refuted by royal experts. A year before it spread like wildfire, the Queen would die on the fifth of January 2019.

The concealment of the Queen’s eventual death, by the way, is not even the most disturbing theory that has been born in connection with the royal family: there are some that II. Elizabeth is an extraterrestrial, shape-shifting reptile, a member of the Illuminati, but it is also that Charles and Diana had a hidden daughter, or that Prince Charles was in fact a vampire.
But that’s what container callers are all about, they’re constantly in need of some outrageous topic, but so far it’s always been clear from these news that they have no basis. Theories about the royal family are pretty much as true as there are two of Paul McCartney, or Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson have gotten out of the show business by spreading their own news of their deaths and have been living happily ever since in the world. without.

Source: Slate Magazine, Featured Image: Getty Images



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