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Why do scientists believe that time could only exist in our imagination

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Our perception of time is quite simple: previous actions represent the past, what we live represents the present, and the things we have not experienced are the future. Basically, time, in our brain, has only one direction.

According to the physical laws that govern the universe, however, this is not the case. Most natural laws are “reversible” in relation to time, which means that they would work just as well if time went in the opposite direction.

Physicists suggest that gravity is not strong enough to force each object to move in one direction. Stephen Hawking called this phenomenon the “psychological arrow of time,” and he assumes that the present becomes past, after it was once the future.

However, if we forget our perception for a moment, “even if we refer to Newton’s gravity, Maxwell’s electrodynamics or Einstein’s theory of relativity, all the equations that describe the universe work just as well if the universe goes in the known direction. by us or in the opposite “, according to the publication PLAYTECH.

Therefore, time could be a subjective concept, as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity claims.

There is, on the other hand, the second principle of thermodynamics. According to him, whenever a system goes through a thermodynamic process, the system will not be able to return to the exact state before that process. More clearly, once you have broken, for example, an egg, you cannot go back in time to fix it.

This is the main argument for the arrow of time. Entropy always increases after an event occurs, which could mean that time is moving in one direction.

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Many physicists believe, however, that this is not the case, which is why the theory of multiple universes has emerged, in which time passes differently than in which we live.

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