Why do some children get sick often? What does the doctor reveal

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The life of a parent knows that every day can reserve surprises, for better or for worse, but winter in particular puts a strain on the health of the little ones. From colds to tonsillitis, from sore throats to flu and fever: for some children, getting through the cold season unscathed is practically impossible. On the other hand, there are children who have a higher resistance to ailments while others often get sick. A situation that can only alarm parents both in the short and long term. But what is the explanation of the pediatricians? Let’s see what the doctor says.

Meanwhile, getting sick – even frequently – in winter is absolutely normal, so mom and dad can stay calm in most cases. Colds and flu in the younger age groups are the order of the day and are, indeed, to be estimated as an eventuality exactly as for adults. Now, after the pandemic, many families fear that Covid19 could negatively impact the immune system of the little ones, thus exposing them to a greater risk of seasonal diseases.

In this regard, Alasdair Munro – an expert researcher in pediatric infectious diseases – defined this belief that emerged online ‘bizarre’. There is no scientific correlation, in fact, between Covid19 and immunodeficiency in children. The reason why children tend to get sick more frequently this year is due to the fact that, compared to the period of pandemic emergency, the social occasions. Hence, therefore, the greater probability of getting sick.

In his science newsletter, Munro specifies that “over a long period during the pandemic, many of these viruses stopped circulating altogether. Since few people were taking them, immunity is lower than in normal times. And she emphasizes that children under five years they have, in fact, spent most of their lives in the health emergency. For this reason, “many of the first exhibitionswhich otherwise could have happened over years, are now happening in a much shorter amount of time”.

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