“Why do you mourn only in Korea?” Net users around the world are furious with Gucci and Dior’s Itaewon accident memorial service | Joongang Ilbo | JoongAng Ilbo

ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2022.11.02 07:13

Luxury brands such as GUCCI and DIOR are facing unexpected headwinds from overseas netizens as they express their condolences over the Itaewon accident.

On the 30th of last month, Gucci and Dior posted a sentence in both English and Korean on their official Instagram account, saying, “We express our deepest condolences and sympathy for the tragic accident that occurred in Itaewon.”

Overseas netizens who saw the post expressed their dissatisfaction. In particular, dissatisfaction was voiced from countries such as Iran, India and Ukraine, which are currently suffering from accidents and wars.

They referred to the Ukraine war, the bridge collapse accident in India, and the hijab death demonstration in Iran. Speak out,” he wrote.

On the other hand, some responded, “Why are you comparing the weight of tragedy?” and “This is not a competition.”

Currently, each post has received 160,000 likes and 1,000 comments, attracting a lot of attention.

On the other hand, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters compiled and released the current situation of 313 casualties as of 11:00 pm on the 1st.

Of the 156 dead, 130 are Koreans and 26 are foreigners. Of these, 68 have been released from the coffin.

Of the 157 injured, 36 were hospitalized (22 seriously injured, 14 slightly injured) and 121 returned home.