Why does Olivia Ruiz keep a little anger against Star Academy?

We know her as a singer, actress and now a writer. Olivia Ruiz decided to tell the story of her grandparents and the Spanish refugees who fled Francoism in her very first book La Commode aux tiroirs de couleurs. A book that was only put on sale last June, postponed due to the health crisis. This Monday August 10, it is on the antenna of Sud Radio in The keys of a life that Olivia Ruiz returned to this poignant book and to the key dates of her career. From her title La femme chocolat to her role in States of Emergency, to her participation in the Star Academy tele-hook in 2001 … the artist confided in shamelessly.
“It’s not my best memory in the sense that I felt a little manipulated when I was inside,” began to explain the one who managed to reach the semi-finals in this singing competition. “And then, I keep a little anger deep inside me. Not even about my case, because I’m doing pretty well, but about the people who have suffered from that. either in the people who were with me or those of the following years, “explained Olivia Ruiz, whose words resonate with those of Elodie Frégé, who would like to see the images of her participation in the game disappear.
“I deplore the non-support for young people who are only very fragile post-adolescents and who are not supported before and after,” added Olivia Ruiz. If the young woman has managed to multiply the successes and make a name for herself in the world of music, this is not the case for all the participants of Star Academy. A few weeks ago, it was thus possible to find one of the former candidates in the game Take it or leave it. Despite these harsh words, the singer does not deny her past experience inside the famous castle: “I am fully aware of what I owe to this show too”.

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