Why does the US Congress want to extend the dreaded “Title 42″? | news today

The rule better known as Title 42 was established during the term of Donald Trump and allows the government to automatically expel adults and families who cross the land borders of the United States without authorization.


Republican and Democratic Senators from USA presented several bills to prolong the rule that allows irregular immigrants to be immediately expelled and that will be rescinded by the president Joe Biden in May, according to statements released a few hours ago.

At the beginning of April, the US government announced that it will lift this rule known as title 42, which was established during the mandate of Donald Trump to stop the advance of COVID-19which allows the automatic expulsion of single adults and families who cross without authorization the land borders of USA.

One of these bills, which was introduced by ten senators, including Republican Senator blond framerequests that the title 42 runs until February 2025.

On the other hand, US border guards made 1.7 million arrests of migrants at the border with Mexico from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021. This is the highest number of illegal crossings recorded so far, and four times the total that was counted during Trump’s last year in office. White Housewhen the numbers decreased in part due to the pandemic.

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“Rescinding Title 42 may be Biden’s biggest mistake yet” because it “opens up our borders and invites a massive surge of illegal immigration, likely the largest in American history, that will inflict a long-lasting and avoidable crisis.” Rubio said in a statement. “Preserving Title 42 is the best way to guarantee security on our southern border,” said Senator Jim Risch.

Rubio and other senators also sent a letter to the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Alejandro Mayorcas, to complain about the decision made by Biden, which they described as “dangerous and reckless.”

Another bipartisan bill proposes delaying the rescission of Title 42 so that the government “coordinates and communicates with border communities and establishes a comprehensive and viable plan,” according to a statement from the Democratic senator of the state of Arizona Kyrsten Cinema.

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“We intervene and protect border communities, ensuring that the administration works hand in hand with local leaders, law enforcement and nonprofit organizations to establish a comprehensive approach,” added Sinema.

This legislative project, which has been introduced by eleven senators, would prevent the Biden administration from ending Title 42 until at least 60 days after the COVID-19 national emergency declaration is finalized. Once finished, the Department of Homeland Security he would have 30 days to present to Congress “a plan to address the impacts of the post-Title 42 influx of immigrants.”

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