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Why families will soon have cheaper buses and trams

by archyw

For adults with children, buses and trams in the Mainfranken transport company association (VVM) will be significantly cheaper from August 1st: A new “Day Ticket Plus” will replace the previous family day ticket for the entire VVM tariff area. The new ticket can be used by two adults with all their children and grandchildren up to the age of 14 or by any two people together with a maximum of four other children and young people under 15 years of age.

The most important message from Climate Mayor Martin Heilig in the Mobility Committee of the City Council was the low price: In the Würzburg area, the day ticket plus costs only 6.20 euros, a proud 2.50 euros less than the previous family ticket (8.70 euros). The fare is also significantly cheaper in the other ten cells; in the highest price category for the entire VVM area (excluding the large cells), only 18 euros are due (previously 23.50 euros).

Tickets are also valid over the weekend

“In discussions with the association, I was also able to ensure that the validity of the ticket is extended over the weekend and the holidays,” said Heilig. This means that a ticket bought on Saturday can be used for the entire weekend ?? at Easter, Pentecost and Christmas even including the following public holidays. The price reduction is funded by the mobility fund of the Free State of Bavaria, the estimated shortfall in income at WSB of 18,000 euros per year is offset from the city budget.

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