Why FCB striker Augustin has a rock in the board at Frei

The new FCB striker Augustin already has a rock in the board with the coach

Once traded high, then fallen low: Frenchman Jean-Kévin Augustin wants to find his way out of the creative crisis at FC Basel. A young FCB won the first test under new head coach Alex Frei 3-0.

Onlookers: Jean-Kévin Augustin (left) and Anton Kade (right) during the friendly.

Manuel Geisser

Since Saturday, FC Basel fans have known who to put their hopes on for many goals. The club has been able to bind Jean-Kévin Augustin (25) for three years and is getting a center forward who was once highly valued and now wants to find his way out of a deep performance hole in Basel.

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