Why has Chateau Meiland been withdrawn from sale?

After the buyer dropped out, Chateau Marillaux immediately went up for sale again. And the good news that the chateau would have been sold again did not come. But now it appears that it has been withdrawn from sale…

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In February it was announced with great enthusiasm that the castle of the Meilandjes, Chateau Marrilaux, would be sold. But the buyer eventually dropped out and the chateau remained on the French sales site.

The chateau was first for sale for 1.25 million euros, but they lowered that asking price to under a million. Martien announced a month ago that a number of potential buyers have come forward and that a number of viewings would take place. But a month ago, the chateau was still neglected. That is why Martien’s statements were questioned.

Sold or not?

There was also no news that the chateau would have been sold. But when you go to the French sales site now, the chateau is no longer there. So it looks like it has been pulled from sale. But why?

The big question is whether the chateau has been sold by then, or whether the family has changed its mind and still wants to keep it for themselves. A few months ago, when it was announced that it would be sold, the Meiland family visited the chateau to say goodbye ‘for good’.

It felt like coming home and Martien immediately shouted: ,,In retrospect, I would have liked to stay longer!” Would the family not want to sell the chateau after all?

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