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Why Hollywood will no longer occupy Kim Basinger

In 2015, Basinger ended another long break The 11th hour, a bizarre horror film by Danish director Anders Morgenthaler. With Basinger as a successful businesswoman sinking into insanity after eight miscarriages in two years, the low-budget publication was baptized by a "scary, pretentious lump of junk." observerRex Reed, one of many critics who gave The 11th hour a scathing criticism.

"If Kim Basinger still knows how to act, there is no evidence," Reed wrote. "Whatever she remembers character development, facial expression, or anything like that, she delivers a convincing line reading that she does not share with anyone." The film ended with a fabulous 13 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, after all the top critics took it apart. "Exaggerated, drawn and pure cynicism," wrote Katherine Pushkar for the New York Daily News,

Talk to that Daily beastBasinger said that The 11th hour should be "a metaphor for businesswomen and decisions in life, because today many professional women choose not to have families and suddenly they wake up and they want that." According to Film Journal International Critic Simi Horwitz on the other hand, "The 11th hour will be virtually meaningless – downright ridiculous – for any woman who has never had a burning desire to have a child. "This so-called" fertility thriller "has been a disaster for Basinger, who has not appeared, as a comeback in a leading role since.


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