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Why hysteria around refereeing? CSKA engaged in self-deception

In fact, Sergey Lapochkin is an intelligent judge, and CSKA know about it.

Match between CSKA and Orenburg / Photo: Edgar Breshchanov / Vasily Ponomarev / Sportbox.ru

The echo of the match between CSKA and Orenburg, which ended with a sensational defeat of the favorite, sounds like something intricate. The team itself and the circle closest to it – players, coaches, journalists, humorists – all speeches are exclusively around arbitration. Also, the army team, but only with experience, watching their own team from the outside, do not recall refereeing in the context of the next spring failure at all – they have completely different explanations.

Sergei Lapochkin, who removed Mario Fernandez in the 25th minute, in the speeches of today's red and blue brethren appears to be a complete villain. Whoever they called him! He and the tool "Locomotive", and the chronic army martial artist, and even just a killer. In general, the real Karabas-Barabas – it seems that someone even saw a whip-seven-heel behind his ankle.

CSKA – Orenburg. Fernandez Removal

“Do you remember how he didn’t even whistle last year when Granquist threw a boot on Vitinho?” – this question alone is enough for a judge in the army community to be recognized as a maniac. “I didn’t whistle there, I deleted it – yes, he simply hates our CSKA!” Is a simple logic close to every offended person.

Although it is clear to anyone who can reason that even in one episode with Granquist and Vitinho, the judge could not even whistle in one of two cases – or he was suicidal, or simply did not see. And he really was in a position where it was physically impossible to discern the nuances of martial arts.

But if you want to bring some historical basis to the current judging of Lapochkin, then you need to pick up more examples. And in this case, no system, so comforting today red-blue grief, will not work.

* * *

August 31, 2014. On the 42nd minute, Lapochkin puts the 11-meter into the gate of “Rostov”, thanks to which CSKA opens the scoring, and immediately sends to the rostrum coach Rostovites Miodrag Bozovic. When he was later asked about the reason for the deletion, they heard in response: “Yes, he simply asked Lapochkin why he always assigns a penalty to the gates of his rivals CSKA”.

November 29, 2015. At the 63rd minute of the match, "Anji" – CSKA with the score 1: 1 defender Georgy Tigiev hosts the hosts breaks into the penalty area guests and falls after contact with Zoran Tosic. Judge Lapochkin penalty does not assign. A minute later, the coaches of the guests replace Tosic, after the match Lapochkin apologizes to Anzhi for the mistake, and a little later the judicial authorities punish the referee by excommunicating them for several rounds.

October 1, 2017. At the 89th minute of the match, CSKA – “Ufa” with a score of 0: 0 Lapochkin appoints a penalty kick to the guests, to which guest general Shamil Gazizov reacts after the match with a long angry tirade, which is crowned even by the country's opinion: “Budogossky will say that there was a penalty. Only the whole country will say: what is it? ”

May 21, 2016 and May 13, 2018. In the last rounds of the Russian Championships, Lapochkin serves, respectively, the gold and silver matches of CSKA against Rubin in the first case and Anji in the second. Both times, the army team win and reach the tournament and financial goals. And in the game against Makhachkala residents in the 32nd minute, the judge does not remove Kirill Nababkin, who committed a foul of last resort against Arsen Khubulov, but is limited to a yellow card. The inspector puts the judge back.

CSKA – Anji – 2: 1. Goals and best moments

So, are you still sure that Lapochkin always comes out against CSKA with a seven-tail whip?

* * *

In fact, translating the arrows on the judges, CSKA is engaged in self-deception. Hysterical intonations in relation to the referee this spring arise in the army camp not for the first time. Just a week ago, the army bench seemed to take up nothing much more than a desire to press the judges on the army bench in the derby with Spartak. It is clear that working in a stressful situation is inevitable, but in this case the standard measure was obviously exceeded. And all this seems to betray the internal imbalance of the current CSKA.

Let's be honest: before the resumption of the season, no one could think that in the matches with Tula, Ufa and Orenburg, the army team would take only one point out of nine possible. It seemed that CSKA would be almost the main competitor of Zenit, and now not only gold, but also the champion's mandate, is slowly turning into a mirage. For the first time in many, many years, the army team runs the risk of being left without a solid UEFA premium, which would mean a failure to fulfill the traditional club task – and this, apparently, introduces red and blue to an extremely nervous state.

That's why Mario had to fly straight leg to Sutormina? A man is 28 years old, he knows that he is hanging on a yellow, 70 minutes to the end of the match, an absolutely banal episode in the center of the field – why fly with a straight leg ?! The explanation asks for one thing – the violation of internal balance, forcing recklessness.

And somehow strange, not only players behave in CSKA. Orenburg is a very aggressive guest who, by the time he arrived at VEB Arena, was ahead of Lokomotiv, Spartak, and the army team in terms of the number of visiting heads. But against such a rival, Viktor Goncharenko leaves one player instead of two in the backcourse, as was usual, and instead of the disqualified Ilzat Akhmetov sends forward Abel Hernandez to the game. By the 24th minute on the field there were still equal compositions, but CSKA already lost 1: 2 – what attitude did the referee have to this?

CSKA – Orenburg. 1: 2. Alexey Sutormin

The real reason for the failure against Orenburg is not in judging – it is inside CSKA. As in the cases with Arsenal and Ufa. And the sooner the army team admit this to themselves, the sooner they destroy conspiracy theory in their own minds, the more faithfully they will fight for the Champions League. And in general they will again become the force that deserves respect in our football house.



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