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Why i like Hungary a state of permanent conflict with Romania?


the Manuals say that nothing works faster than the coagulation element of public opinion than the emergence in the political discourse of the signals that the nation is in danger. The exercise of Budapest in this sense, Romania is presented as a state guilty of the attitude of at least unfriendly, dates back decades, many decades, without receiving ever a reply from a professional visit, our being like stuck, tetanizați and hopelessly owners have an inferiority complex that caused them to accept without question the accusations continued “genocide against the Hungarian minority in Romania” or so in the communist period, and now, after the Revolution. Like harder since Hungary and Romania are calls that are part of the club joint the EU and NATO.

2. the Is the most convenient and easy to achieve intoxication what can you put on alert the european bodies, on the euro-atlantic and international organisations, including UN bodies: thus, we have in Europe not only the outbreak of the conflict never closed in the Balkans but, here’s what I say reperezentanții Hungary, would no longer be on the list, and Romania with restrictive policies and repressive towards minorities, in particular against the Hungarian, very easy to assimilate with the policies of ethnic cleansing. And that, isn’t it, contrary to the deep commitments the fundamental taken by Romania upon accession to the EU and NATO and, accordingly, are justified, any steps the disciplinary-punitive.

3. the Is the most convenient and easy to achieve intoxication in order to justify the policies of the ultra-nationalist Government in Budapest, often accused by Brussels of being xenophobic, with the powerful derive authoritarian and racist. “We accuse us, that we just defend the nation, I don’t see how we persecute those from Romania? – repeat obsedatnt so influential lobbying Hungarian. That while Romania sounds like he’s dodging ashamed to tell the great truth: in the period after the Revolution, the UDMR has always been in government, with many and very important responsabilutăți ministerial, including the posts of vice-by the minister, with, at the community level, with privileges multiple which ensures the full realization of obictivului retention of cultural identity. And so it was that Hungary could move, avoid or, in any case, alleviate the level of the attacks to which it is subject to the government of Viktor Orban and transfer such to Romania a large part of the capital’s negative image.

4. the Is the most convenient and easy to achieve intoxication which to continue the resumption of the haunting theme “the autonomy of Székely Land” extended to the status of Transylvania. Remember that in the sad-the famous Proclamation in Budapest in the summer of 1989 there was no talk about the need for democratisation of Romania, but the reference exclusive was only Transylvania…prelude to the current offensive that is meant to keep awake the attention on the Treaty of Trianon, submitted, and now Budapest as the e historical what you’ll need corijată. And this conversation when it could be more relevant in size to the rematch historical, than placed in the Year of the Centenary of Romania, poisoned now a propaganda virulent and hostile, designed not only to overshadow the glow of a holiday, but to cancel and the basis of its historical validity. And after the theme of “Szeklerland” we will hear quickly -say many sources that I have heard for years in Brussels, the discussion about the automia the so-called Regions of PARTIUM with capital city at Oradea and that would include the territories of the present counties of Arad, Bihor, Caraş-Severin, Maramureş, Satu Mare, Sălaj and Timiş counties.

5. the Is the most convenient and easy to achieve intoxication to convey the message that, indeed, Romania has domestic issues important that can make it incompatible with the community through the failure of the approximation of the laws of the community get the rights of minorities but that, because of this, it could become a source of open conflicts. you May remember that exactly this was the theme that run in the loop in the international press at the time in which they would place the incidents at the Fair Mures, the first conflicts to inter in eastern Europe which prefațau a model that, if he could not to explode at us, were at the basis of the scenario applied in the space of the former Yugoslavia. And all they said then exactly what he had to assert themselves in the civil war in Yugoslavia: it’s about a coflit religious-based, it faces there, the world catholic with the orthodox and islamic.

6. the Is the most convenient and easy to achieve intoxication to create a channel for stress relief of the situation at least problematic and ungrateful in which is now the countries of the Visegrad Group countries, Poland is in deep crisis, with the Czech republic, where it blooms another system with a message increasingly euro-skeptical, with Hungary subject to a number of reports increasingly critical in the European Parliament, very close to take it on the road for sanctions against Poland. If Hungary invokes such a conflict with Romania, then, naturally, the attention of the leaders and public opinions in Europe towards that will straighten and, as possible, it will get a necessary respite from breathing to imagine scenarios adapted to the new games of alliances in the EU.And, if it is, then it is very visible that this will mean an attempt to remove Romania from the equation, precisely because it is prezentatâ as eccentric and irregular, which is possible as supported by an extensive campaign on the social networks in Romania which broadcasts messages of an intensity and frequency unprecedented in our country is ridiculed, insulted and treated as the last villainy of the planet.

7. the Is the most convenient and easy to achieve intoxication that makes, again, “Romania’s problem with the behavior of the non-european” to be able to be internationalized by the government in Budapest. And this is not (as has never been) a simple “diplomatic offensive without precedent of Hungary against Romania”. On the contrary, in my opinion, the bad is that we are talking about a continuous action, very well prepared, organised and implemented with the help of actors, professional trained and educated to use all the loopholes made available by european and international law.

And what do we do? Get excited terrible and forget instantly. We opărim hated by all and then move on to something else in the space of no more than three days, then when he says well the proverb, we moved on. Say something “on my nerves”, swear with said the man, and curse bitterly, hoping for the mercy of God and firmly believing in its obligation To make a nest, and the stork, you moron. And, with his head deep in the sand, we want the storm to pass in time and, as we we do that we don’t see, and so will others for things to be able to go on any further about keeping up appearances even if, on find, the explosion occurred and, delicate not to see anyone, we are licking our wounds.

you Know very well that, at the level of Romanian political after ’89.the absolute priority was dealing with with any price of the “sensitivities” of hungarians, the formula being polite which cover the need, desperate for the votes of the UDMR. Votes for which they have accepted any compromise, any îngenuchere and was swallowed any insult. On the other side, Hungary knows that he has secured votes captive in Romania. Her need for Romania is minimal and, in consequence, and allowed any where, and the tone almost unbelievable of the management representations of the leaders of the hungarians in Romania on the Year of the Centenary.

They too can someone to believe that “this too shall pass”. Sure it will pass. But the signals are now much too concentrated and too powerful to not be taken in the mandatory notice. After Catalonia, the second area major from “the periphery of the geographical european” where’s it coming with so much power and coherence to the message of autonomy based exclusively on ethnic criteria.

Attention, this is not a play. It’s a scenario with its own logic. And is in full development.

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