Why in Darmstadt the city itself sweeps the streets

Dhe sweeping in front of one’s own front door is obviously not only seen less and less as a necessary prerequisite for a functioning community, not only in a figurative sense. The step taken by the Darmstadt city administration to take responsibility for cleaning the streets shows – unfortunately – that too many people don’t take responsibility for their own work on this issue either.

There’s no question that it’s no fun cleaning the sidewalk early in the morning in winter, for example, or hiring a private service provider for a lot of money. But it should go without saying that you take a little responsibility for a few meters in front of your house and allow safe passage, quite apart from the fact that there is also a risk of liability in the event of an accident. And it is also in your own interest if the street where you own a house is not spoiled by rubbish dropped by anti-social contemporaries.

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