Why Influencer Daiky Gamboa Doesn’t Post Photos with Best Friend Karol G: Revealing the Reasons Behind Their Intimate Friendship

The influencer said that there are several reasons why he has decided not to post photos with one of his best friends. instagram

Daiky Gamboa He is a social media influencer and content creator and also owns a gambling firm called Friends.

On Friday, May 19, Daiky decided to interact more closely with his followers. Through a ‘question box’ on his Instagram account, he received a question from one of the netizens about the absence in social networks with her friend Karol G.

Specifically, the question the influencer received was, “Why don’t you upload as many photos with Karol G?” Given this, she responded honestly and confessed that, according to him, it is due to the intimacy of their relationship and the way they have built their friendship.

She said that there are several reasons why she has decided not to publish photos with what she considers her best friend. First, she said that she doesn’t want to be one more fan for the singer, who is asked for photos all the time. “To Karolina everyone asks him for photos all the time, I’m his best friend I want to be that free space, I want and I have achieved it, that our friendship is based on love and joy and not on photos ”, he answered the question.

In addition, Daiky says that he does not want it to spread “on everyone’s lips” that take advantage of the career and fame of Karol Ghence decides to stay out of it. “I am an artist who is building his own career and I don’t want stupid people to say that I’m sticking with his fame to appear,” he said.

In the same way, he clarified that the photos in which he usually appears with the paisa artist are other people’s productwho decide to photograph them together or are also taken by Karol G herself.

Capture story @daikygamboa/Instagram
Capture story @daikygamboa/Instagram

Karol G continues to expand his musical empire with the talent that was demonstrated after his memorable presentation at the Movistar Arena from Bogotá, where he shared the stage with the American singer Alicia Keys, duo who could enjoy the more than 14,000 attendees at the capital venue.

Lately, the Bichota, as it is known worldwide, continues to be the focus of news. After her return to the United States and in one of her last interviews on the radio show All Songs Considered of NPR MusicKarol G revealed several details of his private life.

As revealed Telemundo, the artist commented that no longer resides in the North American country as many Latino artists do and decided to embark on a journey to a place he knows very well. The interpreter of hits like tomorrow will be nice, 200 cups, Provenceamong others, will return to live in Colombia in the city that saw her grow, Medellín.

In another interview for In Magazine, the 32-year-old singer highlighted the support from his parents throughout his entire career and thanked her company, recalled that since she began on the path of music and even in the decision to return to the country, they have been very aware of her, supporting her in all situations.

He confessed that his career has not been easy and that, despite the fact that reggaeton producers did not open the doors when I was just starting out in the world of music, other people like her parents did believe in her and that was more than enough to motivate her on her way to success.

Finally, he expressed his deep emotion of happiness for “watch the movement grow and be at the point where girls represent and say with freedom: ‘We have our version of history’. We have different situations and moods; we are good girls, bad girls, boss girls, we feel, we are intimate, we also like sex.’”

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