Why iPhone 12 without charging is good and bad at the same time

Like many others, I can’t wait to get a new iPhone 12 in the coming weeks. We’ll be testing all four new iPhones soon, but I haven’t yet decided which iPhone I want from the 2020 lineup. At the same time, regardless of model, my new iPhone will ship in the smallest box to date. Cause? For the first time, Apple is not shipping its top-selling product with EarPods and a power adapter. IPhone and кабель Lightning — USB-C.

Rumors that circulated throughout the year were confirmed. But is it right?

The main reason Apple did this makes sense, but for many remains unclear. I will not once again procrastinate on the topic of headphones, in our chat on Telegram, many have already made it clear that the absence of EarPods in the kit is not a tragedy at all. But with the charging adapter, things are not so simple.

Why is there no charging included with the iPhone

During the iPhone 12 event, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment and Social Initiatives, noted that the restriction on the supply of new iPhones was made for environmental reasons. The company wants all of its products to be carbon-neutral by 2030 – in other words, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the manufacture and transport of devices and accessories.

Убрав два аксессуара (и уменьшив размер коробок для iPhone), Джексон утверждает, что Apple сократит более 2 миллионов тонн выбросов углерода в год, что эквивалентно снятию с дороги 450 000 автомобилей на год.

Now the iPhone box will look like this

Therefore, now the entire series of iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone XR in new packaging will come with a USB-C to Lightning cable. Previous devices (excluding the retired iPhone 11 Pro) came with a Lightning to USB-A cable. This change may or may not be taken as serious, depending on how you approach things, but it also allows Apple to make some extra money.

Pros of not charging with iPhone 12

Over the years, it has become increasingly annoying for MacBook users that they cannot charge their iPhone or iPad using their laptops. Apple’s decision to supply a USB-C to Lightning cable means they can now do so without additional purchases. In addition, newer iPhones (such as iPhone 8 and newer) also support wireless charging Qi. This kind of charging will work no matter what cable comes with your new phone.

In addition, there is some flexibility in the charging options. Your old iPhone’s Lightning cable will work with your iPhone 12… For iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max owners, this means the ability to use the 18W USB-C power adapter that comes with the device. If you’re migrating from older devices, including the iPhone 11, you can use your existing Lightning to USB A cable and 5W power adapter.

If you’re using a 2020 iPad Pro, you can charge your new iPhone 12 using the 18W USB-C Power Adapter. The new iPad Air (2020) comes with a 20W USB-C power adapter that can also be used with the new iPhone. Even the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air come with a USB-C power adapter with a detachable cable so you can use it as a charger for your iPhone.

Side-by-side comparison of the old box (right) and the new (left) from Apple Watch SE

Cons of not charging with iPhone 12

By providing a USB-C to Lightning cable with the new iPhones, Apple is also encouraging users to embrace new technologies. But new technologies cost money.

As noted above, if the only Apple device currently in your home is an iPhone 11 or older iPhone, you can use a combination of a Lightning to USB cable and a 5W power adapter to charge your iPhone 12. And yet it is. will mean abandoning fast charging technology, which allows you to charge a new device to 50% in about 30 minutes. To do this, you need to purchase a 20W USB-C adapter from Apple ($ 39.99 online) or from a third-party manufacturer. In other words, if you want to take advantage of this new technology, you have to pay. Anyway.

You will still want to charge your iPhone as fast as possible

As if fast charging wasn’t tempting enough, there’s an all-new (and phenomenal looking) wireless charging option with MagSafe… MagSafe attaches to the back of new iPhones using built-in magnets, allowing 15W charging support. It also doesn’t come with a USB-C power supply. That is, you buy the MagSafe charger itself for 3,990 rubles, a power supply for it for 1,990 rubles, and if you still want a case with MagSafe support – in general, + 11,000 rubles.

It’s good that this time there is no classic leather case, otherwise you would have to pay more

In this regard, of course, the lack of a charging adapter bundled with an iPhone is not convenient at all. If you only charge your phone at night, you can completely get by with charging from your previous iPhone (good USB-C was not delivered to new iPhones, otherwise it would be horrible). But in other cases, when you need to quickly charge your phone in 20 minutes, you can’t do without MagSafe or a powerful adapter. I would like to believe that all this will really help in the fight for the environment, and the suffering of users (and their wallets) will not be in vain.