Why is Anies Baswedan Relaxed?

By: Joko Warsito*)

TRY to see how anxious those who don’t want Anies Baswedan to be President are.

How much money did they spend to prevent Anies from running for President?

How many surveyors, influencers must be paid to build a negative opinion about Anies;

Long story short, they do everything, formally using government instruments, or informally through capital owners, buzzers, surveyors, fake clerics, fake intellectuals, to intelligence operations.

Why do they seem so afraid of Anies?

Why is Anies the humanist being feared?

Why is Anies, who is accepted by various religious groups, feared?

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Why is Anies, who was warmly welcomed on his various visits to the regions, feared?

Why is Anies who received an award from the Secretary General of the United Nations, who gave a public lecture at Oxford University?