Why is it brave to see my child killed?

Writer : Shinta Millennia

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Putri Candravathi had to face the consequences of being separated from her children after being arrested for being involved in the premeditated murder of Brigadier Joshua Hutabarat.

However, the sadness of parting with her beloved child was felt long ago by the mother of Joshua Hutabarat, who had to be separated forever from her son, Joshua Hutabarat.

In a dialogue on the Rosi Program, Joshua’s mother regretted the attitude of Putri Candrawati who had the heart to let her beloved son be killed.

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He questioned Princess Candrawati’s conscience as a mother.

Rosti Hutabarat also hopes that the murder case against his son can be revealed as clearly as possible and get justice.

He also stated that he was ready to control and watch the conference.