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Why is the city of Rennes adopting a tree charter? – Rennes

by archyw

When Rennes rebelled in numbers, the affair generally ended with the adoption of a charter. That of nightlife, local democracy, construction … We would almost end up losing count. In a few months, the tree will also have the right to its own, following a series of controversies.

In 2019, the associations stepped up to the plate during the felling of 35 plane trees on avenue Fréville, requested by local residents. A few months later, history repeats itself, this time on avenue janvier, near the station. Twenty charms must be removed and replaced with lower and diverse vegetation. Wind up against the destruction of this “heritage”, the association Nature in the city obtains in court the cancellation of the municipal decree. Forced, the town hall reviews its redevelopment plan. While contesting the court’s decision before the Council of State, whose decree is still awaited.

The challenge: get private developers to join

In order to avoid further disappointments, the City asked its technical service to work with activists and researchers on new rules for two years. Now written, the tree charter is submitted this summer to the opinion of the inhabitants for adoption after the start of the school year. This includes, for example, the commitment to better take into account existing trees in project design. And to preserve them as much as possible. Slaughtering is sometimes necessary, she maintains, in the event of illness or too close to homes. They will be more than compensated thanks to the thousands of promised plantations.

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“The charter is going in the right direction but they have done the opposite for twenty years”, estimates the president of Nature in the city. Above all, it does not solve all the problems. The private promoters, with the easy saw during the construction of buildings, are not required to sign it. “Getting them to adhere will be one of the major challenges of this charter,” admits the municipality.

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