Why is the interior light on?

American man finds wild bear in parked mother-in-law’s car

A wild bear found in the passenger seat. Youtube snippet. News 1

In the United States, a man found a wild bear sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car.

It is said that the man saw the interior lights on in an empty car and went out to check it, and witnessed it.

According to local media reports such as NBC News on the 3rd (local time), Cody Zillotti, who lives in the northwestern part of Connecticut, USA, saw that the interior lights were on in her mother-in-law’s car on the 29th of last month, looked at the car, and saw a wild bear in the passenger seat. suffered from

In a video taken by Zillotti that day, a wild bear was sitting in the passenger seat, watching people lit up outside.

“The wild bear looked like a teenage child who passed out in the car after a party and was caught by its mother,” Gillotti told NBC News.

“I think the bear decided there was nothing to eat in my truck,” he said. So I think I went to my mother-in-law’s car.”

Afterwards, the bear was kicked out of the car when environmental protection officials who were called to the scene opened the car door with a rope.

After the bear left, an inspection of the inside of the vehicle revealed that the vehicle was heavily damaged.