Why Jose Mourinho Didn’t Develop a Bond with Tottenham: His Explanation

Of all the clubs he has managed in his brilliant managerial career, there is only one that Jose Mourinho did not develop a special bond with: Tottenham.

It is nothing against the fans of the London team, simply, between the fact that he led them in the time of COVID-19, and that his departure did not go as he would have liked (he was fired just before playing the League Cup final) , The Special One could never connect with Los Spurs.


“I hope Tottenham fans don’t get me wrong, but the only club in my career that I still don’t have a deep feeling for is Tottenham. Probably because the stadium was empty, COVID-19 time. Probably because Mr. Levy (president) didn’t let me win a final and win a trophy. But he is the only one. After that, Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, Manchester United, all the clubs, I feel a connection. People can say: ‘You can’t love all the clubs. Yes, I love all the clubs because I have always felt the affection of the other party, they have also loved me.”declared the Portuguese, in Press conference.

Undefeated Data. Jose Mourinho as DT of Tottenham: 44 wins, 19 draws and 23 losses.

Did you know…? As manager of AS Roma, his current club, Jose Mourinho has reached 2 European finals. He was already champion of the Conference League and, now, he will try to be champion of the UEFA Europa League.

2023-05-26 02:41:17

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