Why LADA Vesta will never enter the premium segment

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The Russian budget sedan upsets the features of the assembly of the passenger compartment and body.

Back in 2015, the LADA Vesta appeared on the Russian market, which made a lot of noise. Such a car was the first brainchild of AvtoVAZ, received in serial execution an X-shaped design, which became the new DNA brand.

In addition, Vesta has become more like a foreign car, as evidenced by the appearance and pretty good technological equipment. At the same time, many experts even attribute the Russian sedan to the premium segment, and also believe that in the near future the domestic “state employee” will gain such achievements that will allow the car to turn into a real luxury car.

But in reality, LADA Vesta is not destined to enter the premium segment for several reasons. First of all, it is worth pointing out the build quality – often motorists complained that they bought copies that were “famous for” inadequate fitting of parts and the mismatch of gaps with factory standards. In addition, the interior caused complaints as well – creaking interior panels and insufficient ergonomics annoyed the Russians. It should also be said that the interior of the Russian sedan lacks luxury and spaciousness, so that the owner could feel like a “king”.

In addition, you should not go past the price of LADA Vesta, which is offered from 532,000 to 817,000 rubles – for this amount it is hardly possible to purchase a premium, only on the secondary. However, as representatives of AvtoVAZ have repeatedly stated, if Vesta adds luxury and improves technology, this will significantly increase the cost of the model.

Thus, LADA Vesta will never enter the premium segment. This is evidenced by the inability of the Togliatti company employees to make high-quality cars, of which motorists are confident. It remains to be assumed that, in other circumstances, Vesta would become a luxury car, but AvtoVAZ engineers’ crooked hands spoil everything – in this case, it is better to think about finding a car in the secondary market and acquire a Camry or Superb.



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