Why Macri could be important for Tevez’s start in Rosario Central

Central Rosary It’s on every front page and on every sports TV channel. the revolution called Carlos Tevez mobilized half of the city of Santa Fe: some with enthusiasm, others with skepticism, none with indifference. The arrival of the Apache as DT would be accompanied by great changes in the squad and even in the structure of Arroyo Seco. Although there were still no reinforcements, all the lights rest on who will be the former player’s right hand in his coaching staff. In the first instance, it was believed that the aide-de-camp was going to be Retegui plate, who, due to his role as Secretary of Sports of the Buenos Aires Government, left the project after the rejection of a license by Rodríguez Larreta. However, there would be a new actor in this story that could change the outcome.

Since he announced his intention to direct, Tevez spoke of the presence of Retegui as a fundamental piece in your work team. El Chapa, former coach of the Lionesses and the Lions of hockey, was going to be his field assistant but, finally, he assured that he will continue with his work as a political official: “I cannot leave the Secretary of Sports overnight “, said. Faced with this refusal, the Apache would have started looking for a replacement who, according to different rumors, could be Walter Erviti or Sebastián Méndez. But in the last hours from Rosario there was talk of a supposed intervention of Mauricio Macri to give Apache a hand in this matter.