Why Mancini doesn’t call Zaniolo

Nicolò Zaniolo is one of the great values of current Italian football and for this reason many fans are surprised that Roberto Mancini, the ‘azzurro’ coach, has not included him in his list for the Nations League matches against England and Hungary.

The relationship between Nicolò Zaniolo, 22, and Mancini has had ups and downs. And this despite the fact that it was Mancini who summoned Roma’s ’22’ for the first time, back in 2018, when in fact the ‘giallorosso’ had not yet established himself in Serie A.

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Later, however, the situation changed. And not because of a gambling problem, but because of the behavior that the player had at some moments. Mancini’s statements in this regard contributed to Zaniolo’s fame as a ‘bad boy’.

Despite this, logically except when the romanist was injured due to two serious knee injuries, Mancini summoned Zaniolo regularlyalthough between the two there has been misunderstanding, distancing and rapprochement.

Now Mancini wants to raise the Italian team again after the very hard blow that meant staying out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the coach wants to have his players at the highest level. Zaniolo has missed five games this September due to a back injury and therefore the ‘azzurro’ coach estimates that he is not at his best.

This is how it is interpreted that Zaniolo, one of the great values ​​of current Italian football, is not on the list against England and Hungary. But the middle of Roma has the open doors of the ‘nazionale’.

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