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Why Maurizio Sarri does not want Chelsea to buy heavily for a stronger defense

Maurizio Sarri would rather improve his players than take the easy chance of spilling money to solve Chelsea's "dangerous" defensive worries.

Sarris Blues is undefeated after ten league games and is only two points behind in first place, but he believes they need to improve a bit this season.

However, unlike some of his predecessors at Stamford Bridge, the former banker will not bother to board the board to spend money and insists that money be thrown on the shortcomings of your team. This is not always the solution.

A crash in transfers was central to the failure of former chief Antonio Conte's relationship with the top brass, but Sarri said, "It's too easy to enter the market for any problem.

Sarri barks orders during the last tournament in Burnley

"We need to improve and we need to improve with these players because they are can improve.

"There is the club for the market. I can give my opinion of the club and what I think and what I need, but I think it's my job to improve my players.

"I did not ask for it [whether he will have money to spend in January] because at the moment I think we can stay with these players. We are competitive, maybe not for the top, but we have to try to get close to the top. "

Third place Chelsea have conceded seven league goals compared to Liverpool's four and Manchester Liverpool's four.

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But when they saw that they did not concede a goal against Burnley on Sunday, it started 72 hours later with a shaky Carabao Cup game against Derby.

He said, "This means that we are not a solid team with continuity at the moment and it is dangerous."

Sarri says Chelsea have the quality in attack to cover their deficits, but also want more from his front players to improve their defensive record.

He said: "The quality of the players is very high, so they can win games.

Championship Derby came to Stamford Bridge and scored twice in the middle of the week

"But for the future we have to become a very solid team. If we want to be competitive or win something, we have to be a solid team.

"We have to improve the ball in the other half, push in the opposing half and immediately recover the lost ball. Sometimes, like in the last games, we are in the wrong position, so it is impossible to regain the lost ball and give the opponents no field for counterattacks.

"So first we have to improve in offensive positions if we want to be solid."

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