Why network users asked their partners to give them yellow flowers this September 21

(Photos: Screenshots/Tiktok)

A new trend began to circulate on social networks in recent days and several lovers were widely confused. And it is that, users remembered the importance of their partners will give them this September 21 yellow flowers. That is why if you do not know the origin of this curious request, Next we will tell you why.

It all started in TikTok where several Internet users – mostly women – created some videos where they claimed that if they received yellow flowers this Wednesday it was a sign that their partner would be with them for a long time.

“And remember men… whoever gives yellow flowers stays with her forever”. “Envy? He only envies those who are going to give him yellow flowers on Wednesday.” “I hope your special person gives you yellow flowers,” are some of the descriptions of the clips that quickly went viral.

But, to understand the reason for this situation, we must go back to 2004, when a telenovela called Floricienta. However, although the melodrama was originally broadcast on channel 13 in that country, the program managed to reach various regions of Latin America -such as Mexico- thanks to Disney Channel.

The axis of the story revolves around florence a young orphan and by chance ends up working as a nanny in a luxurious mansion. There she will meet Federicoa man with whom she will have a romantic history, but which cannot have a completely happy ending because another woman she stands between them and pretends to be pregnant.

Thus, although at the end of the first season, Federico she realizes that the other young woman was not expecting her child and it was all a lie, she exhibits her at her wedding and proclaims her love to Florence, but once, things don’t go as they seem and Federico dies in a tragic accident.

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One of the reasons why this telenovela is widely remembered is due to the musical theme Yellow flowers, where the protagonist she longs for her lover to give her a bouquet of this color to show your love and affection.

Thus, in the trend of TikTok part of the well-known lyrics of the melody can be heard: “She knew, that he knew, that one day it would happen, that he would come looking for her, with her yellow flowers…”.

That is why users of this social network and fans of Floricienta They did not hesitate to be excited by the possibility of receiving flowers of this cheerful color and some attributed it to the arrival of spring in Argentina.

“Tired of being a spectator.” “Nor we want nothing with anyone, but on Wednesday whoever gives us yellow flowers gets the little girl’s heart”. “Context: In Argentina (where Floricienta is from and has her song “yellow flowers”) it is spring day”. “How do I send this as a hint without sending it?” Are some of the comments that abound on social networks.

It should be remembered that in Argentina, September is one of the most anticipated months for many people, because it is the beginning of a warm season and ideal to enjoy days in the sun.

Although they are usually usual featuresthis year not everyone will be able to make outdoor plans in that country, since the National Weather Service announced that some areas are under yellow or orange alert so that the planned activities were rescheduled.

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