When Borussia Dortmund lost the victory in the home game against Hertha BSC last week, Marco Reus stood in front of the microphones and made an announcement.

"The last few minutes we played a bit naive, we have to be cleverer and not always four, five goals to score, even a 2-1 are three points," he complained. Previously, after the 4-0 win over Stuttgart, Reus found that they had "not found the right remedy" in the second half – and promised that this phase would be analyzed.

As captain, to his head coach Lucien Favre made him in the summer, these were not statements that should be highlighted. However, those who know that the same player would not have liked to go around every mic not so long ago will not be astonished.

In football, the 29-year-old has always been an exception. But in his personality he has taken a huge step recently – and that has a lot to do with the captaincy.

"Reus has an insane quality"

"A captain has to be a role model for the other players and we count on Marco to do the job well," Favre said of his new captain. A trick with which the Swiss coach apparently tickled the last percentage points out of his protege and promoted his personality development.

His teammates are in the guise of Reus' achievements long ago in raptures. "Marco is one of the best players in the league, and probably the best at the moment, he has an amazing quality, it's great to be on the pitch next to him," said Jacob Bruun Larsen after his captain took charge of the match himself had taken the hand and shot the BVB in Wolfsburg to a 1-0 victory.

It was his ninth competitive match this season, and he also collected seven goals. Not least thanks to the consistently strong performances of their offensive stars, the BVB is still undefeated since Favres took office in the summer. Before the duel with Bayern Munich next Saturday, BVB has four points ahead of the champions. (Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund – Bayern, Sa., 15.30 clock in LIVETICKER)

It seems that the still-thin national player is the best reus ever in these weeks and months.

Reus finally injury free

In the question of the other causes of the power explosion worth a detailed look at his medical record. For ten days he had to pause in October during the international break due to minor knee problems – otherwise he has been no complaints for seven months.

Reus did not come back from his move from Mönchengladbach to Dortmund in the distant year of 2012 to enjoy such a comparatively long injury-free phase. For Reus himself, the matter is clear: "I have always emphasized that if I'm healthy, I can help the team."

Where "help" is a clear understatement. Anyone who has seen how Reus grabbed the ball in the 120th minute at the Pokalkrimi against Union Berlin and thundered him ice cold to a 3-2 victory in the net, knows that the native Dortmund has long become priceless for the team.

"I did not feel pressure on the penalty kick, you have to be sure where you're shooting, everything else you have to hide, I know where to shoot," he said after finishing work.

All-rounder on the offensive

In addition to his nervous strength Reus impresses with almost all the components that are important in modern football: He is still weasel fast, tears off per game on average eleven kilometers, is technically brilliant – and has made a leap forward in the game of tactics.

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In the 1-1 draw in Hoffenheim Reus came in the course of the game in three different positions for use: From the role of the playmaker he was ordered to the top and came at the end of the left wing. His doses he doses more than before, because he knows better with the experience, when it is worthwhile to springe.

Reus takes on and off the place responsibility, to him the young stars like Bruun Larsen or Jadon Sancho look up. And Favre? He is always amazed, why he is always questioned about the strength of his captain. "He's just fine," he says sparingly as usual.

But even the coach should know that his captain these days is the best Marco Reus ever.


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