why Sebastian Kurz’s star turned pale in Europe

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ANALYSIS – The young Austrian chancellor could order, this week, a million doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. These days, such a decision would be interpreted as a new message of distrust from Vienna towards the EU .

A small “treasure” of 10 million BioNTech-Pfizer doses. Weeks to think about how to distribute them between Member States. And, at the end of this saga, a very seriously messed up leader. This is Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, 34, the youngest of the Twenty-Seven. “Cynical», «utilitarian», «always ready to denigrate the EU to take advantage of it“, A rain of criticism fell on him. “The long-term vision, the idea of ​​a European commitment which may not bear fruit very quickly but be useful later, these are things that do not really interest him. It may be a question of generation», Analyzes a senior French official.

The Chancellor’s image could be further damaged if, as announced, he actually places an order this week for one million doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. Certainly, several countries located in the east of the continent have already taken the plunge. . But, these days, such a decision would be interpreted

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