Why Skoda Octavia is the best choice of the “secondary”

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The combination of price and quality that justifies the investment.

Skoda Octavia is considered the most massive and popular model of the brand. For all the time, the Czech company sold 7 million copies, which were distributed throughout Europe and the world. The Czechs managed to achieve such successes thanks to cooperation with the German concern Volkswagen, which contributed to the formation of the first generation of Skoda.

The Skoda Octavia lineup is available in liftback and station wagon bodies. Thanks to the wide range of powertrains and the reliability of the transmissions, the car has found its place both among ordinary drivers and taxi services. Simplicity in operation and unpretentiousness of motors with proper maintenance allows you to serve 300 thousand kilometers without complaints.

Another advantage of Octavia is capacity. Thanks to the spacious interior and trunk, the car is considered a family car and is designed for both daily trips and travel. Even in the available trim levels, the driver is offered a “rich” set of options by which the Skoda Octavia is considered one of the most functional models in the class.

In terms of comfort, the car also has something to boast of. High-quality materials of the salon do not leave indifferent the owners of Octavia. After years of daily trips and hundreds of thousands of kilometers, the interior of the car remains close to its original form. That is why the Czech model is considered the best choice of the secondary.

When buying a new car, as well as with a run after an accurate owner, it will serve “faithfully” for many more years.

Dobrov Roman

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