Why Steinmeier in Marxloh a “scrap property” only briefly looks from the outside

Why Steinmeier in Marxloh a “scrap property” only
 briefly looks from the outside


Why Steinmeier views a “scrap property” in Marxloh only briefly from the outside

Kathrin Hänig and Linda Schreiber

on 13.03.2018 at 10:53 clock

The Henriettenstraße in Duisburg-Marxloh. Federal President Frank-Walter-Steinmeier will look at a so-called scrap property here (right, painted yellow) – but only from the outside.
Photo: Kathrin Hänig

Duisburg. Frank Walter Steinmeier arrived in Duisburg-Marxloh: On Tuesday, the President visits the problem area the city.
Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier walks through Henriettenstraße in Duisburg-Marxloh. He has only seen a so-called “scrap property” in passing.
Photo: Kathrin Hänig
And what is he visiting? In addition to a primary school and a bridal shop, of course, a so-called “scrap property” at Henriettenstraße.

Steinmeier only visits scrap property from the outside
However, Steinmeier was only able to view the house from the outside. The owner of the building, which has closed the city long ago and that has been empty for more than a year has prohibited access.

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“Change does not happen here in Marxloh anyway” – hardly any joy over visit of the Federal President in Duisburg

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Other buildings too far away
The city of Duisburg has already bought several houses ready for scrap in Marxloh, where the president could have gotten a picture of the conditions – but according to information from DER WESTEN they are just too far away from Steinmeier’s other two stations (KGS Henriettenstraße and Brautmodengeschäft “Melisam Gelinlik bridal wear “).
So now Frank-Walter Steinmeier had to arrive on the street in front of the once infamous scrap property and in the rain he would look at his yellow painted facade. How much insight he got into the problem, remains open.
Very fast it went on to the bridal shop on the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße.
Neighbors on Henriettenstraße are skeptical
At any rate, neighbor Ibrahim Bajrektarevic is skeptical: “It’s good that someone comes and cares, but they do not change anything,” says the man who lives directly opposite to Henriettenstraße and runs a snack in Wanheimerort.
After all, it is very gratifying that the scrap yard is now closed: “Finally it is quiet here. For a year now, everything is clean, no more refrigerators or mattresses on the street. All I have to do is help my neighbors sort the garbage. “

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