Why the EU Framework Agreement is Not Necessary for Swiss Academic Excellence

What don’t they whine to us, the university rectors, education bureaucrats and Europhile politicians. Switzerland would end up in a hopeless academic province, and any cutting-edge research would be nipped in the bud if we didn’t immediately conclude a framework agreement with the EU in order to rejoin the “Horizon Europe” program.

It must be a heavy blow for all these wimps when Thomas Zurbuchen of all people – head of research at the US space agency Nasa until 2022 – has accepted a professorship at ETH Zurich. Zurbuchen will take over the management of ETH Zurich Space from August. With this star scientist, space research and teaching at ETH will be massively expanded and cooperation with industry will be strengthened.

ETH Zurich is accordingly proud of Zurbuchen, who has been working in the USA for twenty years: “He is considered one of the most influential researchers in the world and has had a decisive influence on space science.”

These personal details and countless others show that the extensive bypassing of Switzerland by qualified university teachers due to the lack of an EU framework agreement is nothing but stupid talk. It’s not up to Brussels to decide how attractive our educational institutions are, it’s still up to Swiss citizens. And since the Bologna “reforms” at the latest, they have known that the education system in the EU is not better, but worse.

The Horizon Agreements unilaterally terminated by the EU may already be a reason to give up our people’s rights through a framework agreement and to have foreign judges determine them. The constantly outraged Swiss university rectors should write behind their ears once and for all what is written above the gates of the University of Zurich: “By the will of the people.”

2023-06-01 01:01:31
Former NASA boss Thomas Zurbuchen becomes a professor at ETH Zurich. Despite the lack of an education agreement with the EU

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