Why was the Brive hospital (Corrèze) forced to trigger the white plan in the middle of the weekend

The emergencies of the Brive hospital saw 130 people pass on Saturday, November 20. That is to say nearly 30 to 40 patients more than for “a usual big day”. “Emergency physicians have trouble finding beds in the wards when hospitalization is required,” admits Michel Da Cunha. Faced with this influx of patients and this lack of beds, the deputy director, who was on call this weekend, triggered level 2 of the white plan.

A conjunction of factors

It is a combination of factors that made him make this decision in the middle of the weekend. “There is the start of the winter period which is always synonymous with greater attendance, the Covid also requires us to mobilize additional resources and the traditional surgical activity which remains supported”, he explains, insisting on “the great difficulty in finding staff”.

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The white plan makes it possible to “call upon all our resources. The staff who returned were volunteers, which shows that they are very mobilized despite being exhausted. This device also makes it possible to warn the establishments and the emergency services in the vicinity that the hospital is in tension.

Covid curves on the rise

“We are also seeing an increase in people who must be hospitalized because they are infected with Covid”, adds Michel Da Cunha. A crisis unit must be held tomorrow, Tuesday 23 November, in order to implement solutions. “In particular, we are going to think about putting a specific device back in place. “

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Thirty-eight people with Covid are in fact hospitalized in Corrèze, of whom twenty arrived last week. Five of them are currently being treated in critical care.

Emilie Auffret