Why WhatsApp Can’t Send Messages? This is the reason and how to overcome it

KOMPAS.com – As an instant messaging application that is often used, the WhatsApp application certainly cannot be separated from various disturbances or problems error which is quite annoying for the user. One of them is messages that cannot be sent to other users.

The cause of WhatsApp not being able to send messages is generally due to cache that build up, WhatsApp version that is too old, or even the WhatsApp application that is currently down or distraction.

So how do you get WhatsApp to run normally again? For more details, the following KompasTekno summarizes some of the causes of WhatsApp not being able to send messages and how to overcome them.

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Application not updated

Generally WhatsApp will roll out several updates for its app on iOS and Android. But the update runs depending on each user’s phone whether it updates automatically or manually.

If the update is done manually usually some users will forget or ignore the update notification. This causes the WhatsApp application not to run smoothly and causes various problems. One of them cannot send messages.

As for how to overcome this, of course, users are required to immediately update the application in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) application store.

Disable data saver

One of the causes of the WhatsApp application not being able to send messages, could be because the user is activating the data saver.

The active data saver mode on an Android phone or iPhone is the cause of the WhatsApp application not running normally, one of which is users who cannot send messages.

The fix is ​​that the user must disable the data saving mode in order to be able to send messages again.

Inactive background data

Active background data usage will allow users to send and receive WhatsApp messages even when not using the app.