Why would Yakuza Saga be renamed Dragon?

They aim to bring the Japanese-language name of SEGA in line with its Western counterparts.

Fans Yakuza Saga Be satisfied with the latest news Sega And this Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio In the last few days. The most important announcement of all is the numbered eighth main installment, which no longer bears Yakuza’s name, but rather It’s called Like a Dragon 8.

Many Western fans were surprised by this Why SEGA abandoned the Yakuza brand If this is a series that is becoming more and more popular outside of Japan, it didn’t take long for us to discover the reasons behind this decision.

They want to combine the Japanese name with the Western oneAnd it is, in the statements Digital TrendsA representative from SEGA of America confirmed: “It will be known as a dragon in the future To align more closely with the Japanese name«. It should be remembered that since 2005 in Japan the franchise was called Ryu Ga Gotoku, which translates as “like a dragon”, which means “like a dragon”.

In other reports IGN, head of the study Masayoshi Yokoyama revealed another reason for the jump to the new name. “People wonder what would happen if we didn’t add Yakuza, but the response to the name Like a Dragon (with the game Yakuza: Like a Dragon) was good, this It gave us hope to take down the yakuza And continue with Like a Dragon”.

It should be noted that in addition to the announcement of the eighth part of the saga, the studio left us with announcements about other titles. First we have As a Dragon: Ishin!An action game is coming back in the form of a remake, but another project has been confirmed in the form of a spin off as the name suggests As Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Ruined His Name.

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