Why Xavier Dolan’s new film will not be presented in Cannes


Why Xavier Dolan’s new film will not be presented in Cannes – Les Inrocks: magazine and cultural news continuously

04/16/18 3:43 PM

Delay in postproduction or film refused? What are the reasons for the absence at the next Cannes Film Festival of Xavier Dolan’s “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan”?
Thursday, April 12, during the press conference of the Cannes Film Festival, a noise of corridor was confirmed: The Death and Life of John F. Donovan , the seventh feature film by Xavier Dolan, is not part of the selection.
Several hypotheses can then shed light on this absence. It’s no secret that the film has been delayed in post-production (we are thinking of eviction final cut the character of Jessica Chastain). Anything could suggest that the production was unable to render the film in time to the members of the selection. Another explanation, a refusal by Thierry Frémaux and his team … But the Canadian prodigy is one of the darlings of the festival, and then as Frémaux himself reveals, “Xavier Dolan is like a little brother”: the hypothesis is therefore hardly credible .
“The film should be created elsewhere”
Remains an ultimate possibility that the filmmaker confirmed in the columns of the newspaper IndieWire this week-end. If the film is still in postproduction, it was sent to the festival where he would have received a warm welcome. So the studio, in agreement with the filmmaker, decided that Cannes was not ” the perfect place for the premiere of the film The director adds “We have decided that the film should be created elsewhere, I do not know where and when it will premiere, but we will do what is best for the film, of course.”
Information that confirms the rumor that the production would prefer to place the film in the classic route leading to the Oscars. Exit Cannes so for the Toronto festival? Case to follow.

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