Why you will soon be able to buy yourself a graphics card at (almost) normal prices

Gamer friends, say thank you to Beijing: the Chinese government’s war on cryptocurrency farms is causing demand for graphics cards to drop significantly. Once a land of plenty for minors, China has decided to put an end to experimentation to force the use of its digital Yuan. Large consumers of graphics cards, whether for Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, Chinese miners have suddenly stopped pouncing on all the cards.

This ultra-rapid dry-up in demand drove the price of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards down to their February 14 level. Which isn’t to say the situation is normal: both GPU lines are still trading at 150% of their official price (MSRP in the lingo). This is far from the 304% reached by Nvidia cards in May (AMD has risen “only” up to 214%) in our German neighbor, explains a study carried out across the Rhine. The card shortage is still there and will not go away overnight.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

But without another crisis, the decline could continue. And from the start, we could find GPUs showing only a “simple” increase of 15-20%. With – hopefully! – a restoration of normal tariffs by Christmas or in the first half of 2022.

Sources : 3DCenter via Tom’s Hardware US


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