Wicki triumphs at the Central Swiss Festival

In the 4th minute of the shot in Ennetbürgen NW, the 25-year-old Entlebucher from Sörenberg prevailed against Reto Nötzli from Schwyz. For Wicki it is the 15th victory at a wreath festival.

For his part, Nötzli, a Confederate since 2013, won the first five courses and could have won his third wreath festival. He had also won his first two victories at sub-association festivals: 2014 at Central Switzerland in Cham, 2017 at Southwest Switzerland.

In an interview after his second win of the season (after the Zug Cantonal in Baar in early May), Joel Wicki first and foremost emphasized the great support from his Lucerne teammates.

Advantage Central Switzerland

After the 5th round, it was announced in the media and in the audience which of the tied Joel Wicki and Matthias Aeschbacher would be considered for the final round against Reto Nötzli. But the decision was clear from the start. Under no circumstances would a central Swiss judge choose a guest to be the final participant as long as a central Swiss player had the same number of points.

Three weeks ago at the Stoos-Schwinget it became clear that even very clear circumstances cannot change anything about the strict attitude of the central Swiss one-piece team. There it was of no use to Adrian Walther from Bern that he had far better grades than Christian Schuler from Central Switzerland (whom Walther had defeated on the occasion). Schuler was heaved past Walther in the final passage.

At Stoos, Thedy Waser, the technical director of the Central Swiss Federation, said that the judges could stand behind this decision, which was incomprehensible to outsiders. In Ennetbürgen, when asked by television about the allocation of the final course, Waser did not want to comment.