Widespread depression: thyroid inflammation or only the menopause?


Thyroid as a cause of depression? Researcher at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) has discovered a connection between chronic thyroid disease and depression or anxiety disorders. In professional circles one speaks of an “autoimmune thyroiditis”, short: AIT. Around ten percent of all people in Germany are affected. Following the presentation of the new findings, a suitable therapy was presented. The news was in the trade magazine ” JAMA Psychiatry ” released. Widespread depression The disease is one of the most widespread diseases in Germany. Figures from the year 2016, published by the Federal Statistical Office, reveal alarming data: more than a quarter of a million patients are hospitalized in hospitals. According to the publications of the Franconian researchers about four million people in Germany have symptoms of depressive disorders. Why is the thyroid responsible for anxiety? In an AIT, the thyroid gland is in a permanent state of inflammation. This has a direct influence on the mental state of a person, as hormones enter the metabolism via the thyroid gland. This hormone balance is disturbed by the persistent inflammation. In hormonal disorders, the menopause is often used as a justification because no direct pain is felt, but rather a feeling, a mood or mood associated with it. Classic symptoms Internal restlessness, fatigue and permanent tension are typical mental symptoms that occur. AIT mostly affects people between the 30th and the 50th year of life. However, the researchers’ research shows that women are 3.5 times more likely to be ill than men. The therapy proposed by the Erlangen researchers includes an early antidepressant. In addition, the trace element selenium is consumed. In addition, the therapy includes a so-called “AIT-Screening”, with which antibodies are to be determined.


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